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As a relative newcomer in the orthodontic space, InBrace® had a lot to prove. But they also had the technology to back it up. Their revolutionary Smartwire® is tucked discreetly behind teeth and made to transform the patient experience from day one. Our goal was to build both market awareness among consumers and adoption by orthodontists as a treatment mode. Our work consisted of equal parts consumer awareness and orthodontist support as InBrace expanded markets.

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Visual Identity
DIGITAL marketing
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The first step was giving InBrace a modern, forward-facing look and feel that would represent their revolutionary approach to treatment and help them stand out among competitors. We redesigned their logo, refreshed their color palette and gave them a bold, new tone of voice.


Smiles are nice.
But a touch overrated.
To us, the mouth is so much more.
It’s a way to express and impress the essence of who we are.
What we think, feel and believe.
So why hide it?
It’s time to stop covering that beautiful mouth and let loose.
Right now.
As you are.
Pucker up, darling.
This is gonna be fun.
Work that smirk.
Flash that grin.
Eat that apple.
Drink that wine.
Kiss that crush.
Crush that meeting.
Sing that tune.
Get up close.
Speak your mind.
Yell. Flirt. Roar. Sigh. LOL.
And do it all without thinking.
About your teeth, your mouth or what people might see.
Because there is nothing to see.
Except a whole lot of wow.
Our magic’s inside.
We've gone beyond intelligent tech and intuitive design to transform the experience.
For results on day one and a feeling you can’t beat.
WOW starts now.


We gave InBrace’s digital presence a facelift, from a new website to emails to social advertising, ensuring that the entire consumer journey not only WOW’d visitors but truly helped them understand the InBrace difference.


We established a bold, distinctive look for all InBrace photography that allowed us to showcase the technology and the experience yet keep the set-up simple, flexible and cost-efficient. This allowed us to maximize the number of assets we could capture in a shoot and help avoid creative fatigue.


Eye-catching social campaigns helped grow awareness and explain the key difference in the experience for users using a mix of paid actors and social media influencers — all who were bonded with InBrace for the experience.

We need
a campaign that…

InBrace needed a modern, memorable brand campaign that helped clearly differentiate them from category dinosaurs like Invisalign and metal braces. The creative had to be highly segmented, flexible enough to handle several key beats over the year, and eloquently articulate both the emotional benefits of InBrace and the technology behind it, all while creating a cohesive experience from the website all the way to the orthodontist’s chair.